• Name : Bachala Anil
  • Name : Kondru Hettvik
  • Name : Bhaskarani Hari
  • Name : Sayeeli Bhanupr
  • Name : Sunnam Ganesh
  • Name : Varuganti Harik
  • Name : Chirnam Srikant
  • Name : Kattravath Dipa
  • Name : Bommana Paddu
  • Name : Budagajangam Mo
  • Name : Bharthika Saiku
  • Name : Boya Kurumurthi
  • Name : Budaga Jangam R
  • Name : Mothe Shivappa
  • Name : Budaga Jangam R
  • Name : Tejavath Pandi
  • Name : Golla Shivashan
  • Name : Pasula sai
  • Name : Budaga Jangam M
  • Name : Budaga Jangam R
  • Name : Budaga Jangam S
  • Name : Pagadala Nithin
  • Name : Aluvala Mahesh
  • Name : Kotturu Ramakri
  • Name : Tengallapally V
  • Name : Korsa Sowjanya
  • Name : Kaka nagalakshm
  • Name : Paayam Jagadish
  • Name : Eerapa Lenin
  • Name : Midyam Rajkumar
  • Name : Tellam Tharun
  • Name : Shirisha M
  • Name : Tejashwini
  • Name : Shashank
  • Name : Baskarani Govar



Ravi’s relationship with SAC goes back three years, when his parents first heard about it from his school, Shri Viveka Bala Mandira. His father runs a tea shop, which Ravi helps out with when he is not in school. The … Continue reading


Ramya Kiran’s favourite memory is when her drawing was displayed in front of her whole class in appreciation. She enjoys drawing and watching television and aspires to be an engineer when she grows up. As you see, Ramya is an … Continue reading


Pooja’s father is a carpenter whose health has been failing him, lately. In his suffering, he can only hope to somehow support his family’s survival. Yet, like any doting father, he wishes for his daughter to live a happy, independent … Continue reading


Waking up at the crack of dawn to meditate followed by an intense time devoted to studying, Harshita is really working hard. She wants to become a doctor. Harshitha’s family lives on an income of Rs. 9,000 ($150) a month, … Continue reading


Anand N. wishes for his daughter, Apoorva, to become a software engineer. However, his family of four live on a meagre monthly income of Rs. 6000 ($100). Apoorva’s family heard of the SAC program and decided to take its aid. … Continue reading

Skanda Adiga

An aspiring engineer, Skanda Adiga is a student of tenth grade in Ahalya Bai’s High School. An avid reader and a stamp collector in his free time, Skanda is keen to learn and imbibe good life values. His mother, Savithri … Continue reading


B.K. Chaitra, a girl in Grade 10, wants to become a physician but her father does not have sufficient money to educate her. A very active child in school, Chaitra lives in Yelahanka, Bengaluru, India and has been receiving the … Continue reading

Chethan – Alumni

C Chethan, a pre-university student from Kengeri, Karnataka gets up every morning with only one goal in mind, to fulfil his mother’s dream to see him as Chartered Accountant. He lives with his mother and sister. Son of Late Mr … Continue reading

Bagu – Alumni

Bagu – Alumni 19 year old Bagu is a bright, hardworking student who lives with his parents and two younger brothers in Veerabhadranagar in Bangalore. Bagu scored 87% in his SSLC despite the fact that there is no electricity in … Continue reading