How It Works?



  1. In our streamlined process, the application window opens in early June, with notifications disseminated through our active social media channels.
  2. Interested students submit their applications via our user-friendly website (
  3. Through a meticulous due diligence process, eligible children are shortlisted, ensuring transparency and fairness.


  1. Once shortlisted, donors have the opportunity to select the specific children (from this website) they wish to support.
  2. School payments are made directly, and in cases where parents have already covered the fees, timely reimbursements are provided

Value Add

  1. Beneficiaries gain access to our comprehensive learning management software, offering a wealth of educational resources and the chance to participate in engaging online sessions.
  2. For our class 8 students, an enriching residential camp is conducted throughout May, enhancing their learning experience.
  3. To maintain transparency, detailed reports highlighting the impact of the sponsorship are shared with our valued donors, ensuring they witness the positive change their contributions are making firsthand.
  Your monthly contribution of $30 benefits your sponsored child to meet his/her educational needs. And, your sponsorship does so much more...