It was really a memorable experience for us to talk with our three sponsored children Shankar Geedam, Sanjay Kumar Purusanga and Ashish Bashetti fr

- Rama lakshmi P

I am grateful to sewa USA for giving me an opportunity to sponsor a child. It felt great to have video chat with child. God bless him.

- Davinder Singh

We are pleased that we are able to sponsor Prakruti along with Aryan.

- Ketan Thanki

I would like to thank SAC for giving me the opportunity to talk to the child I am sponsoring.

- Ms. Smitha Ragannagari, North Carolina

Thank you for providing the opportunity to be part of Lakhan Maravi’s life, our sponsored child.

- Ms. Rashmi Bhatia, Texas

The video call was fantastic. Got to see the kids this year too with my family.

- Mr. Pramod Sajja, Georgia