The best gift you will receive is happiness and satisfaction.

YFS logoHappiness that your donation builds a child’s future holistically giving education, health and hope. Satisfaction, that the SAC program is designed to build character in the child through a simultaneous mind, spirit and body development.

In addition, build a relationship with the child, help a family realize its dreams, and support a community to become sustainable.

Each year you will receive

      1. A personal letter by email from your sponsored child.
      2. A greeting card with the child’s photograph on special occasions like festivals.
      3. A school grade card on the child’s progress once during an academic year (Jun- Mar), and twice if grade card is available.
      4. Biannual newsletters of all SAC activities, and the annual financial statements per our commitment to openness and transparency.
      5. A receipt for your tax deductible donation in the US.

We will arrange you to connect to your child either by a phone call, or a video chat via Skype. If you desire, you will also be able to physically meet your child.