New English School is at the Maan village in the hilly and agrarian Mulshi taluka of Pune district, Maharashtra. In 1997, the founding president of Jay Shivraya Prathishthan, Mr. Nanasaheb Balkawade, with the help of the villagers, started the school to provide education to students from 5th grade to 10th grade. Until then, students, especially girls, stop their education after class 5. After the establishment of New English School, with the support and cooperation of villagers, secondary education took momentum in the village with the following objectives:

1. The children of farmers and laborers will get education and become a part of the transformation of their family.
2. Only if the girl learns will the house be cultured and developed.
3. Secondary education is necessary for the development of modern agriculture and agribusiness.
4. There is no rural development without education.

After 2002, a lot of agricultural and rural areas were transformed into industrial estates and semi-urban areas as per the government decision leading to migrant workers and laborers moving into the village in large numbers. With this, the number of students coming from weaker socio-economic situations increased in the school.

Since 1997-2020, 3500 students have passed out of the school. Currently (2020-21), a total of 384 students are studying in the school under SSC Board from 5th grade to 10th grade.

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