Started in 2010, the school is committed to build a generation of self-reliant agripreneurs and active decision makers. Currently we cater to 300 students from agrarian families spread over eighteen villages.
With pen and tractor...this is how we aim to revolutionize the education landscape in rural India. Abhyudaya [ Rising Sun] Global Village School is an agro centric school that aims to create entrepreneurs who are globally competitive while being connected to their roots. In the country that has its identity intricately linked with agriculture, the occupation has lost its respectability and the farmer his dignity. We believe that the solution to India's socio-economic problem lies in educating future agriculturists and equipping them with globally competitive knowledge and skills. Thus, the school combines CBSE curriculum with practical, latest and diverse knowledge of the green fields. You will find our kids doing math and enjoying in the green houses. They don't just learn about environment they work to sustain it. We are creating persons with individual identities, capabilities and life skills who will grow up to contribute as upright citizens and innovative job creators in the development journey of India
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