19 year old Bagu is a bright, hardworking child who lives with his parents and two younger brothers in Veerabhadranagar in Bangalore. Bagu scored 87% in his SSLC despite the fact that there is no electricity in his house. He studied under the street lamp near his house. His highest was 97 in History but he wasn’t satisfied. In his own words, he says, “I should have got a 100. I wrote the paper to get a 100.”

He is now pursuing Diploma. Looking back, Bagu says, “I never studied much. Then, I started coming to the tuition centre and then I started studying more. I studied because I wanted to live up to the hopes my parents and my teacher had. Lavaji, Annapoorna madam and my parents kept on telling me “oodu” (study) and I felt that they have hopes for me and so I studied.”

Both his parents work as coolies. His family income is a bare minimum and they struggled to make their ends meet. Higher education for Bagu was a dream that he thought he could never achieve. However, his parents always wanted him to learn. Bagu recalls “My parents always told me that they did not go to school and that they worked instead. That is why they wanted me to study.” Till 8th Grade, he studied in Government High School, Veerabhadra Nagar. He completed his high school in Government High School, Sunkenahalli. Without any external support, Bagu’s dream would have never turned into a reality. SAC realised this and supported him.

His education was sponsored by Sponsor a Child (SAC) program. SAC runs an evening tuition centre for Bagu and many other children like him.