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Sagar KA

Sagar K A is a student from PathiAdinaranaiah School has scored 91% in the Grade 10 examination 2017-2018. Hardships were written in his life from an earlier age. His father passed away when hewas very young. His mother Sujathamma is a farmer. He has one elder sister, who has completed
Grade 10+2 this year. With the income that his mother was earning, it was becoming more and more difficult for her to provide support to this child. It was at this moment that Sponsor A Child stepped up to help this child, and he has been very vocal with his appreciation towards the program.

Sagar has been scoring consistently well throughout his schooling. His hobbies are playing Cricket and Carom in free time. A great appreciation also goes to his teacher, Mr. Shankar Reddy V.N who selflessly helped this child by giving him time after school to help him with his studies. His unshaken determination abled him to secure 91% percent in SSLC exams. This result has emboldened him to pursue his dream of becoming a Successful  Engineer one day.

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