• Name : Bachala Anil
  • Name : Kondru Hettvik
  • Name : Bhaskarani Hari
  • Name : Sayeeli Bhanupr
  • Name : Sunnam Ganesh
  • Name : Varuganti Harik
  • Name : Chirnam Srikant
  • Name : Kattravath Dipa
  • Name : Bommana Paddu
  • Name : Budagajangam Mo
  • Name : Bharthika Saiku
  • Name : Boya Kurumurthi
  • Name : Budaga Jangam R
  • Name : Mothe Shivappa
  • Name : Budaga Jangam R
  • Name : Tejavath Pandi
  • Name : Golla Shivashan
  • Name : Pasula sai
  • Name : Budaga Jangam M
  • Name : Budaga Jangam R
  • Name : Budaga Jangam S
  • Name : Pagadala Nithin
  • Name : Aluvala Mahesh
  • Name : Kotturu Ramakri
  • Name : Tengallapally V
  • Name : Korsa Sowjanya
  • Name : Kaka nagalakshm
  • Name : Paayam Jagadish
  • Name : Eerapa Lenin
  • Name : Midyam Rajkumar
  • Name : Tellam Tharun
  • Name : Shirisha M
  • Name : Tejashwini
  • Name : Shashank
  • Name : Baskarani Govar

Parents Meeting and School Kit Distribution @ Women’s Peace Legue School, Bangalore on August 8th 2015.

The Program went very well. Chief Guest Dr. Srinath.
Short Bio of Chief Guest.
Sree N. Sreenath, Ph.D. is a faculty at the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department at Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio. He is the Director of Case Complex Systems Biology Center. His research and educational interests are in complexity, focusing on Systems Biology (hydrocephalus, Leukemia and Prostate cancer), and, Global Issues and Sustainable Development. He was the Co-Director of UNESCO GENIe Program – an international network of educational institutions. He has consulted with many developing countries on the issues of water, energy and policy. He has lectured in 25 countries, and has organized more than 35 workshops, symposia, and conferences in the last ten years.
Outside of higher education, Sreenath has been active in the social service field. He is the President of Sewa International USA, a non-profit charity working in relief, rehabilitation and social service. Sewa is a volunteer based organization in 20 countries, and is working in 38 cities across the US. Sewa Volunteers put in 130,000 hours of volunteer hours in 2014. Sewa movement is in 20 countries.
Professor Sreenath completed his MBA in nonprofit organization in 2014 to better lead Sewa.
Professor Sreenath’s is a practitioner of Vedic Math – ancient Indian Math for over 25 years and has developed a curriculum to educate children in this area. He lives in Solon, a suburb of Cleveland with his wife Shobha.
He addressed the parents and Children with Motivational stories.
Really it was a interesting speech and Guidance given by Dr.Srinath.