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SAC is an acronym for Sewa International’s program Sponsor A Child.
A world of equality where every child is educated, enjoys good health, and lives in harmony with nature. 
We sponsor a child from class 4 to class 10.
No. As of now, we are present in India and Nepal. We can identify the beneficiaries in these two countries.
Our volunteers and sister NGO’s working with children in government run schools and underprivileged lower-income areas such as slums, identify talented children, and encourage the parents to apply for sponsorship on behalf of their children. A panel selects the beneficiaries after interviewing the children and their parents. Criteria for selection include the family economic background, number of dependants and size of the family.
  • Education: The sponsorship covers the costs of education such as school fees, books, uniform, tuition help, and preventive healthcare. Tuition classes are held at special neighborhood SAC Learning Centers run by paid teachers and SAC volunteers.
  • Healthcare: Children get basic hygiene, preventive general healthcare (immunization/vaccinations for polio, measles, tetanus, etc.), and, regular medical check-ups.
  • Holistic Development: Our volunteers provide cultural and physical activities for personality development.

Parents commit to ensuring that the child’s education is not interrupted due to economic and family circumstances. Parents provide food, shelter, safety and all non-educational expenses for the child.
It costs only $20 per month to sponsor a child with a commitment of one year minimum.
SAC general and administrative (G&A) costs are kept at a low 5%, which pays for stationary, admin salaries, marketing, web maintenance, and professional fees (accounting/legal). G&A expense is one of the lowest in the industry made possible by the efforts of our dedicated and tireless volunteers. The remaining 95% of your sponsorship money goes directly to the benefit the child.
Yes! Sewa International is a 501 (c) (3) organization in the US. All donations are tax deductible. You will receive a receipt for your tax-deductible contributions.
We strongly encourage you to provide a monthly deduction authorization from your bank or credit card account which ensures a sustainable and continuous education program for your child. Monthly payments through checks is not accepted.
Your contribution can be monthly or annual. Your can pay through our secure internet portal via a credit card or from your authorized bank account. We strongly encourage you to provide a monthly deduction authorization from your bank or credit card account which ensures a sustainable and continuous education program for your child.
For payment by check, only annual payment option is available. For donation by personal check, make it payable to “Sewa International – SAC” and mail it to the address below. Add your email and phone number to ensure proper delivery of the donation receipt.

Sewa International
P O Box 820867
Houston,TX 77282-0867

Yes. You will be the only sponsor for your child.
  • Email from SAC

You will receive an email from SAC with web access to the child’s photo and information. You will also receive the child’s midterm and annual grade card.

  • Communicate with your child

You can mail  letters, and send emails, and cards. Our volunteers, teachers and older children will help translate your letters in case the child is unable to read. Your message of love is conveyed to the child.

Your sponsored child will write to you at least once a year and also send a Greeting Card with his/ her photograph on special occasions like festivals. If he/she is in the lower grades, they may not be able to write much in English but will send you wonderful drawings and a few sentences.

If you have any special query your child through SAC will answer them.

  • Meet your child

You can meet your child via Skype or have a phone call once a year

You can meet the child in person by special arrangement with SAC if you are visiting the city where the child lives.

  • Newsletter

You will receive a periodic newsletter about the SAC program and information about the community where your child lives.

Your choice. The child knows that she/he is a sponsored child. Only if you opt, the child comes to know the name of the sponsor when they receive Letters/ Greetings from you routed through SAC. As a matter of policy we do not share the address of the sponsor ensuring your complete privacy.
Yes you can. You can be an anonymous donor. You will then communicate with your child only through SAC.
It is your right and privilege to determine at your discretion to continue or stop the sponsorship support at any time. We respectfully suggest that this be done before March since school year begins in June in order not to disrupt support for your child.
Though there will be a jerk; it will not be a hindrance. Our team members will work to find a new sponsor as soon as possible and support the child till he/she completes class 10. If you run into financial hardship, we may be able to suspend your sponsorship for a short time and keep you as a child’s sponsor. 
Our children live in very tough circumstances beyond their control. Sometimes a child’s family may move and the child will no longer have access to our program. In those instances, we will introduce you to another child for your consideration.
The parents or the child are aware that the child is sponsored but your legal name and address is not revealed to your sponsored child or their parents as a matter of policy. In the event of direct continuous communication between you and your sponsored child, the child may come to know of the sponsor’s details inadvertantly. Hence, we suggest you to route your communications through SAC, which will help avoid any undue demand from you. Hence nobody except SAC will correspond with you.
Everything gets started when you register with us and make your first contribution.
  • You can manage your account and view payment history
  • You will get a receipt and information about the child.
  • The child through learning center will come to know that you are his/her sponsor.
  • Your sponsored child will update you his/her academic status, monthly attendance, and write an eLetter
  • You can talk to the child through web call and meet when you visit India
As you decided to support a child, you can help us find one more person like you. If every sponsor brings one more donor to us, we’d be able to support more from our list.
Follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Share your sponsorship on these platforms.
Check if your company does matching grants for employees donation. You can contribute through that as well.
Your sponsorship itself is your gift. As a matter of policy we do not encourage sponsors to send gifts/gift money to their sponsored children as it creates envy and disappointment for those who may not receive something similar or those who rarely – if ever – receive presents from their sponsor.
  • We will be happy to coordinate your visit with your sponsored child and arrange a time at your convenience if you are visiting the city where the child lives in India. As a matter of policy, you can visit the school where your sponsored child is studying only under the supervision of SAC personnel.  We need a two-week advance notice to avoid any  conflicts with the children’s availability due to their class and activity schedules.
  • In the light of our experience, per policy, we will not allow the sponsor to meet the children at their sponsor’s residence, hotels where they stay, or the child’s residence.
  • You can also meet the child over Skype once a year at assigned times.

Sending monetary gifts directly to your child is discouraged. As previously mentioned, when one child receives a gift of any sort and others do not – children are heartbroken and extremely disappointed when left out. . Thank you for your understanding. You may send letters and cards anytime to our SAC office. We ask that you send your correspondence through us so that we may keep a record and ensure that your privacy is protected and any undue harassment is avoided.
Yes. We do cater to orphans and handicapped children. All such background information will be included along with a child’s profile.
Yes. You can. In this case either you can extend your support to the same child on an annual basis or you can choose another sponsorship to support another needy child. Your sponsor money is spent on education, healthcare and overall development of the child.
Happiness and satisfaction, in short. You are gifting a child its future through education, health and overall development. You are also building hope in the child’s heart. You can watch your child grow and build a long lasting relationship. You are helping the child, child’s family and ultimately the community where they live.
Partners play a crucial supportive role in helping Sewa International implement the Sponsor a Child project economically and effectively by providing logistical and foundational organization support. The Partners work under the strict operational metrics demanded by us. Specifically, they help in marketing material generation, awareness campaigns, procurement of facilities (location of centers, etc.), recruiting of teachers to the SAC Centers, set up Skype communications etc. Sewa works closely with our partners in ensuring adherence to the principles of transparency, efficiency and accountability.
Currently we have the following partners:
Youth for Sewa (YFS) through its project Vidya Chetana works with us in Karnataka (Bengaluru, Tumkur), Andhra Pradesh (Hyderabad), and Tamil Nadu (Salem). Together we are able to reach the children of the invisible poor. YFS was started with grants from Sewa International. We have supported YFS since its inception and have provided the impetus for starting the Vidya Chetana project.
VKKVanavasi Kalyana Karnataka (VKK) – tribal welfare organization works with us in Karnataka (Uttara Kannada). We are able to serve the difficult to reach tribal belt and provide much needed education to our vanavasi (forest dweller) friends. Sewa International has provided grants to VKK and continues to support it in its other initiatives also.


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