• Name : Bachala Anil
  • Name : Kondru Hettvik
  • Name : Bhaskarani Hari
  • Name : Sayeeli Bhanupr
  • Name : Sunnam Ganesh
  • Name : Varuganti Harik
  • Name : Chirnam Srikant
  • Name : Kattravath Dipa
  • Name : Bommana Paddu
  • Name : Budagajangam Mo
  • Name : Bharthika Saiku
  • Name : Boya Kurumurthi
  • Name : Budaga Jangam R
  • Name : Mothe Shivappa
  • Name : Budaga Jangam R
  • Name : Tejavath Pandi
  • Name : Golla Shivashan
  • Name : Pasula sai
  • Name : Budaga Jangam M
  • Name : Budaga Jangam R
  • Name : Budaga Jangam S
  • Name : Pagadala Nithin
  • Name : Aluvala Mahesh
  • Name : Kotturu Ramakri
  • Name : Tengallapally V
  • Name : Korsa Sowjanya
  • Name : Kaka nagalakshm
  • Name : Paayam Jagadish
  • Name : Eerapa Lenin
  • Name : Midyam Rajkumar
  • Name : Tellam Tharun
  • Name : Shirisha M
  • Name : Tejashwini
  • Name : Shashank
  • Name : Baskarani Govar



What is the cost of sponsorship?

Your donation of $20 per month or $240 (two hundred and forty dollars) per year will sponsor a child.

How is the money used?

  1. Five percent (5%) of your donation is used towards general and administration (G&A) expense. Admin expense pays for rent, utilities, stationary, staff, web services, and, marketing.
  2. If your child is enrolled in a private school, we pay school fee against the bills in two installments.
  3. In case the child is enrolled in a fee-free  Government school, your donation will pay for the school kit, uniform and one education trip a year  for the child. In addition, the child is assigned to the nearest SAC Learning Center for extra tuition help.

What are SAC Learning Centers?

Children enrolled in Government schools need additional tuition help provided by our SAC Learning Centers. The Centers run six days a week with help of three teachers between 4-6 PM, who cover core subjects. Your donation pays the teachers salary.

What should I expect from the Sponsor a Child (SAC) program?

  • You will receive  an annual grade card giving details of child’s academic progress during the academic year (Jun- Mar). When available, we will provide the report two times a year.
  • You will receive a letter by email from your child. You may also receive a greeting card for a festival and a photograph from your child.
  • You will receive biannual newsletter detailing SAC activities along with financial statements.

Will I get tax benefit?

Yes, in the US you are entitled to get tax deduction for your donation since Sewa International is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit charity.

How do I connect with my child?

A) You can send a letter our following address. We will deliver it to your child.

Sewa International-SAC– Jnanagiri
#75/76, 4th cross, 2nd Main,
Soudhamani Layout, Konankunte,
Bangalore – 560062
Ph: 91-80-26322260

B) You can connect to your sponsored child once a year via a

  1. Phone call or Video Chat (Skype).
  2. You can physically meet the child.

We do not allow any package from you to the child in order to limit expectation and dependency, and, provide uniformity across the program.