• Name : Bharthika Saiku
  • Name : Boya Kurumurthi
  • Name : Budaga Jangam R
  • Name : Mothe Shivappa
  • Name : Budaga Jangam R
  • Name : Tejavath Pandi
  • Name : Pasula sai
  • Name : Budaga Jangam M
  • Name : Budaga Jangam R
  • Name : Budaga Jangam S
  • Name : Pagadala Nithin
  • Name : Aluvala Mahesh
  • Name : Kotturu Ramakri
  • Name : Paayam Jagadish
  • Name : Eerapa Lenin
  • Name : Midyam Rajkumar
  • Name : Tellam Tharun
  • Name : Radhika
  • Name : Baskarani Govar
  • Name : Panam Nandakish
  • Name : Chintala Narend
  • Name : Gaddam Venu
  • Name : M.D Khadeer
  • Name : Rajesh
  • Name : Adarsh
  • Name : L NAGA BABU
  • Name : B SAI PRIYA
  • Name : T KEERTHANA
  • Name : Gulla Nagaligamu
  • Name : Dasari Naganna


Sports For Sewa – Cricket 2017

  Saturday, September 09, 2017  8:00am  Lincoln Park Cricket Ground, Jersey City, New Jersey REGISTER HERE Contact Information Tel: 732-543-6240, Sanket : 201-238-6324 OR  646-4Y4-SEWA  nymetro-sports@sewausa.org Tournament Info What: 8 Overs, 8 player cricket teams, Hard tennis ball knockouts When: Sept 9th, 10th and … Continue reading

Sewa raises $50,000 for educating poor children


Jersey City, 25th Sep – Running for the 6th consecutive year, the “Sports for Sewa Cricket 2016” charity tournament was a roaring success, with TEK Systems and Vatan as it’s main sponsors. All proceeds of this event will go towards … Continue reading

Sports For Sewa – Cricket 2016


Sep 17th 8am – 10pm : Option 1 – Preliminary round games Sep 24th 8am – 10pm : Option 2 – Preliminary round games Sep 25th 8am – 8pm : Pre-Quarters, Quarters, Semis, Finals & Presentation Ceremony The entire tournament … Continue reading

Parents Meeting and school Kit distribution Program in National School on August 20th 2015.


It was a wonderful program organized in National School. 128 children have received the school kit and scholarships .Professor Mr. Srinath President of Sewa international organization was the chief guest for this program. He studied his primary education at same … Continue reading

Parents Meeting and School Kit Distribution @ Women’s Peace Legue School, Bangalore on August 8th 2015.


The Program went very well. Chief Guest Dr. Srinath. Short Bio of Chief Guest. Sree N. Sreenath, Ph.D. is a faculty at the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department at Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio. He is the Director … Continue reading

2nd year SAC SEWA + New Batch Program Launch


SAC SEWA + program successfully moving to next level. As completion of 1st year SAC SEWA closely working with Udyam to give Mentor support for all the students who have scored Distinction in SSLC. New Batch launch was happened on … Continue reading

‘Kala Chetana’ – Cultural Extravaganza

Sewa International USA plans to organize a cultural event for all the students where students will display their talent in music, dance, drawing, rangoli, debate, developing science models, yoga, quiz, etc,. Vidya Chetana is looking forward to a day filled with fun and action!

Inspired by Nirmal Bharath Abhiyan (NBA)


Inspired by Nirmal Bharath Abhiyan (NBA)http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nirmal_Bharat_Abhiyan and taking cues from the Civic Awareness program conducted at Sewa International USA learning centers, six children of Sewa International USA took up the difficult task of convincing their parents of the need to have a toilet … Continue reading

‘Kreedachetana’ – Sports event


Sewa International USA  conducted sports events for all children across all learning centers and schools. Children got to display their skills in various activities such as running race, sack race, potato race, three-legged race, etc. It was a day filled … Continue reading

Technology Enters Sewa International USA Learning Centers


Sewa International USA is determined to provide the same experience as the privileged kids have at their schools! Sewa International USA launched the Video based education for the children in 6 learning centers. The centers are equipped with a TV, a computer … Continue reading